Do you have a toothache or think you may need a root canal?

At Watermark Endodontics, we welcome your questions and understand your concerns. We want you to know your treatment options and feel assured of your diagnosis.


My root canal was quick and I felt no discomfort. I was amazed that I could have a procedure that most people dread and walk away an hour later saying, ‘That’s it? That was easy!’ Now, if someone says they need a root canal, I tell them to stop worrying about it and go see Dr. Mark Moore, the root canal specialist.


Thank you so much for your "sweet and personal" care.  I was so impressed with you and your staff.  Everyone was so professional and helpful.  Thank you for calling me last night to check on me personally!  Not many doctors do that anymore!  I am impressed!!!  I will always recommend you and your staff to my friends and family.  I feel 100 percent better.  I'm so glad my daughter encouraged me to come to you!  You did an awesome job!  Thank you!


Dr. Mark W. Moore, Endodontist

Meridian's Root Canal Specialist

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